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Flora and Fae

Solstice Necklace

Solstice Necklace

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Created using flowers and herbs from my garden, all connected to the sun and its energy. Accompanied by natural crystal chips that embody the summer solstice energy. 🌞 A happy little buttercup resides in the center of the sun. 🌼


Cheerful and bright, radiating optimism and positive energy.


Abundant in sun energy, optimistically encouraging you to shine your brightest light.


Full of energy and optimism, it brings abundance, prosperity, and growth.


Supports stress release, happiness, and success.


Promotes optimism and positivity. Warming and energizing, it brings joy and abundance.


A stone of enthusiasm, joy, and vitality. Shines a light on all the happiness that surrounds you.


Stone of creativity, vibrancy, and spirit. Opens you to joy & pleasure while boosting confidence.


🌞 Brass sun charm filled with real botanicals and crystals 🌱☀️ comes on a gold stainless steel 18” chain. If you would like a different chain length please leave a note at check out or message me. 

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