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Flora and Fae

April Moons - Birthstone & Flower

April Moons - Birthstone & Flower

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Handmade birthstone & flower necklaces. Using real dried botanicals and natural crystals. ✨

🌱 APRIL - Daisy & Herkimer Diamond

✨ Made with real dried daisies and Herkimer Diamonds.

HERKIMER DIAMONDS are a variety of quartz, known for their exceptional clarity and double termination. They are helpful for amplifying spiritual energy, enhancing psychic abilities, and promoting healing and purification.

DAISIES are known for their simplicity and beauty. Symbolizing purity, innocence, and new beginnings, daisies are often associated with positivity and cheerfulness.

Moon charm on an 18” stainless steel or gold stainless steel chain. ✨ If you would like a different chain length (16”-30”) please leave a comment at check out. 

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