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Flora and Fae

Harmony Necklaces

Harmony Necklaces

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Handmade charms using real dried botanicals from my garden and natural crystals.

Harmony - Cosmo & Amazonite

✨Amazonite • extremely soothing. Helpful for setting boundaries and upholding them. Promotes self awareness, self esteem, and forgiveness.

🌱Cosmo - The cosmos flower gets its name from the Greek word kosmos, which means “world”, “order” or “a harmonious arrangement”. Cosmos represent harmony, order, and balance.

Stainless steel or gold stainless steel chain. 🌙Moon necklaces are on a 20” chain, mushies are on 18” chain.
✨ If you would like a different chain length (16”-30”) please leave a comment at check out. 

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