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Flora and Fae

March Stud Earrings - Daffodil & Aquamarine

March Stud Earrings - Daffodil & Aquamarine

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March Birthstone & Flower earrings.

✨ Made with real dried daffodils and natural aquamarine.

AQUAMARINE, a calming stone, known as the "Stone of Courage.” It is believed to offer protection during travel, especially over water. Aquamarine is a creative stone and encourages a deeper connection with one's inner wisdom and higher self.

DAFFODILS symbolize renewal, hope, resilience, and joy. They inspire creativity and optimism, reminding us of the beauty of new beginnings and the promise of brighter days ahead. ☀️

✨ Created in 8mm stainless steel studs. 

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