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Flora and Fae

May Moons - Birthstone & Flower

May Moons - Birthstone & Flower

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Handmade birthstone & flower necklaces. Using real dried botanicals and natural crystals. ✨

🌱 MAY - Lily of the Valley & Emerald

✨ Made with real dried Lily of the Valley and Emeralds.

EMERALD - a talisman of wisdom, love and inspiration. Known as the “stone of successful love,” it brings loyalty and connects to the Heart Chakra. Inspires a deep inner knowing and positive action.

LILY OF THE VALLEY - Lily of the Valley symbolizes purity, renewal, and the return of happiness. It is believed to bring luck, protection and new beginnings.

Moon charm on an 18” stainless steel or gold stainless steel chain. ✨ If you would like a different chain length (16”-30”) please leave a comment at check out. 

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