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Flora and Fae

Protection Anklet

Protection Anklet

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✨ Protection Anklet 🧿

A shield against negativity, designed to keep you grounded, balanced, and protected.


Protective, empowering, and attracts prosperity. Its grounding energy encourages letting go, balances energy, and releases ego.


Absorbs negative energy and provides balance for the body, mind, and spirit. A gentler form of obsidian, it promotes inner centering and positivity.


A protective talisman, believed to ward off negative energy and shield you from misfortune and ill will.


Anklets are sized clasp to end of the beads. It does not include the 2” extender. So an 8” anklet would fit 8”-10” with the extender. 

To find out your size, measure your ankle. Do not measure at the smallest part, anklets generally sit lower and have a bit of movement. If you don't have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string and a ruler.

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